Content Flow

Revolutionize the Intranet Content with AI, Simply!

Content Flow is a cutting-edge SaaS platform developed by Apvee Solutions that uses the power of artificial intelligence to simplify content creation in intranets.

Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft 365 it leverages Azure OpenAI, specifically GPT-4, enabling companies to produce high-quality, relevant and personalized content without the need for advanced technical skills on the part of users.

Improving Internal Communication

Content Flow transforms corporate intranets from simple document repositories to dynamic platforms for communication and collaboration.

Optimize Efficiency

Reduce content creation time and increase productivity by allowing employees to focus on more strategic tasks.

Increase Engagement

With constantly updated and relevant content, increase employee interaction with the intranet platform.

Content Flow makes content creation simple and efficient through an intuitive interface

Users choose the type of content they want to create from our library, enter the necessary information via a guided form, and the system automatically produces custom content using preconfigured AI prompts. This process not only ensures content consistency and quality but also eliminates the complexity typical of traditional content creation. Content Flow is the perfect ally for any company that wants to revolutionize its internal communication, making it more agile, relevant and engaging.


What Content Flow offers

SharePoint & Microsoft 365

Content Flow is fully integrated with the Microsoft 365 environment, allowing users to access and create content directly within their existing SharePoint platforms without the need for complex configuration.

This integration ensures a smooth transition and cohesive user experience, improving platform adoption by business users


Azure OpenAI & GPT-4

Content Flow leverages the computational power of Azure and the advanced language capabilities of GPT-4 to generate high-quality text content.

With this technology, users can produce accurate and stylistically appropriate content, reducing the time spent on editing and proofreading.

Content Creation made Simple

Users select the desired content type from a predefined catalog and provide the necessary information through a guided form.

This process eliminates the need for advanced technical knowledge about AI like prompts, making the platform accessible to all users.

Security First

All data processed by Content Flow remains within the customer's Microsoft 365 tenant, ensuring that sensitive information is not exposed or used to train other AI models.

This feature ensures compliance with privacy regulations and security of corporate information.

Focus on Content, not AI Stuffs

Content Flow includes a set of preconfigured prompts that are designed and optimized for various types of business content.

This allows content to be generated that not only meets specific information needs but is also optimized for employee engagement.

Facilitated Review and Publication

After content is generated, users can review it and make changes before final publication, ensuring that the material produced meets corporate guidelines.

This additional review step ensures the quality and relevance of the content before it is disseminated.

Multilingual Content

Content Flow has advanced multilingual capabilities, enabling content creation in multiple languages without additional effort.

This multilingual capability ensures that internal communications can effectively reach employees around the world, improving inclusion and understanding across language barriers.

Competitive Advantages of Content Flow

Content Flow differs significantly from other intranet content creation solutions available on the market. While many platforms require an approach based on direct and continuous interaction, as in the case of chat-based systems, Content Flow simplifies the process through a guided user interface that does not require advanced technical skills for prompt generation.

This approach not only reduces the learning curve for users but also improves the efficiency of the content creation process. Users can generate relevant, high-quality content with less manual intervention, freeing up time for other important tasks. 

In addition, the integration mode and data security offered by Content Flow are designed to be in line with the needs of companies that value privacy and regulatory compliance, unlike other solutions that may not provide the same level of data isolation.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does Content Flow integrate with Microsoft 365?

Content Flow integrates directly into your Microsoft 365 environment using an SPFx application that must be installed in your tenant and connects to our SaaS backend.

Is special training required to use Content Flow?

No, Content Flow is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. We offer guided user interfaces and simplified processes that require no prior knowledge of programming or artificial intelligence.

Does the data remain secure when using Content Flow?

Absolutely. The security of your data is a top priority of ours. All information managed by Content Flow remains within your Microsoft 365 tenant, and is never shared with third parties, ensuring maximum regulatory compliance and security.

Does Content Flow support content creation in languages other than English?

Yes, Content Flow supports the creation of multilingual content. The platform can generate accurate and culturally relevant content in various languages, facilitating global communication within your organization.

Are there limitations in the type of content I can create with Content Flow?

Content Flow is versatile and capable of generating a wide range of content types, including articles, news, information pages, FAQs and more. We are constantly working to expand the platform's capabilities to include additional content formats and types.

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